Religious Education

PSHRE Curriculum Journey

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is an important part of Golborne High School’s Personal Development (PD) provision. PSHE and Religious studies are taught as discrete subjects at Key Stage 3 but are combined into core “PSHRE” from Year 10, in order that religious education still forms a part of the curriculum for all pupils, including those who do not opt for the GCSE in Religious Studies. More information on the discrete Religious Studies curriculum can be found on the webpage for R.S. Much of the statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is also delivered through PSHE and PSHRE lessons at both key stages.

In Years 7 to 9, the PSHE curriculum allows pupils become more informed about the world around them. Pupils explore their place in our community and the wider world and how to be responsible, thoughtful and kind members of society. PSHRE also helps our pupils to be safe, healthy and prepared for life's opportunities, and to decide for themselves what their ambitions will be. They will discuss important topics such as family and friendships, puberty, positive mental health, the risks of gambling, consent and many more throughout KS3.

At Key Stage 4, the PSHRE curriculum ensures our young people are well-informed about their health and wellbeing, the development of their own personal ethics and understanding of the world around them. This essential subject covers matters such as careers, finance, relationships and mental wellbeing, ensuring every pupil at Golborne High School is fully prepared for a healthy and independent life when they leave us.