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We aim to give all students the best possible opportunities when it comes to choosing the best possible pathways when they leave us at the end of year 11.

There is a multitude of activities to get involved with throughout the year in all year groups and all departments contribute to the development of our career programme by linking their curriculum to the careers available in the subjects they teach.

We have a dedicated team of staff that are responsible for ‘the post-16 dream’ for our young people and our ultimate aim is to inspire pupils to dream big and aspire for great things, whatever their ability or background. 

We work closely with GM combined authority on our careers provision and we are proud to say we are holders of the ‘Innovator of the Year’ and ‘Careers Leader of the Year’ awards. 

We are lucky to have the benefit of working closely with our Enterprise Adviser, Beth Modder who works for construction firm ‘Willmott Dixon’ and assists the school in developing links to business and industry, as well as helping to mentor groups of students on aspirations, stereotypes and equality at work.

We work closely with all our post-16 providers, local HE and businesses at every opportunity.  Over the past year we have worked with a range of providers and employers to help the decision making process our students face when choosing their pathways in school and for when they leave us.

Cara Jones is our careers advisor and works with students in school providing one to one support and guidance, mainly for our upper school pupils on CEIAG.

We aim to meet all the Gatsby Benchmarks and we aim for all pupils to experience extremely high quality education in the following areas before they leave us in year 11 and embark on their post-16 learning:

We have a refreshed, stable careers programme as outlined below that our students follow during tutorial time, in assemblies and we aim to link the curriculum they follow in lessons to lifelong learning and preparing for the future at every opportunity:

If you require further details about our careers programme please contact Miss Hugill on the email address below.

Throughout the year we also have several events dedicated to careers on top of the lunchtime sessions, departmental organised activities and curricular events.  


We are currently establishing a Golborne Alumni, where previous students are invited in, to mentor students about certain career pathways and to inspire the next generation.  If you are interested in joining our alumni, please contact the school.

We are launching a careers portal in school called GMACS lined to an online careers platform called Xello.  This will be useful in supporting the delivery of our careers programme and will give students the opportunity to develop their ambitions and aspirations further and to record their achievements throughout school to help build their C.V.


How we monitor our careers provision:

We aim for a world class careers provision and the aims and objectives of this are written comprehensively into our schools’ improvement plan and evaluated at regular intervals throughout the year.  The careers provision falls under two sections, ‘Personal Development’ and ‘Leadership and Management.’

We also use the Compass Tracker to monitor our progress towards the Gatsby Benchmarks.  This is a national tool that compares our progress to other schools nationally.  We are currently achieving 100% in the majority of the benchmarks.  If you require more details, please email Miss Hugill.


We are proud of the percentage of our students that stay in full time education, employment or training up until the age of at least 18. 

As a school we track student destinations thoroughly, however, these figures are not officially released and validated for our leavers until two years after they have completed their studies at Golborne.

The most recent validated data from the DfE and our own tracking for the leavers of 2018 and 2019 (as yet unvalidated by the DfE) are tabulated below:

School Leavers

Remaining in full time education, employment or training

Left in 2015

93% (validated by DfE)

Left in 2016

96% (validated by DfE)

Left in 2017

97% (validated by DfE)

Left in 2018

98% (validated by DfE)

Left in 2019 


Left in 2020 - (Unvalidated)


Left in 2021 - (Unvalidated)


College Open Evenings


Career Provision Review:

Our next review of our careers provision will take place in January when we will re-evaluate against the strands of the Compass Tracker and also during our self-evaluation against the aims and objectives of the careers strategy outlined in the school improvement plan.

If you wish to speak to a member of staff regarding careers and post-16 transition, or if you are a training provider and wish to come and speak to students, please contact:


Miss Ruth Hugill

Assistant Headteacher

01942 726842

National Careers Week 01.03.2021-06.03.2021

GMACS: Greater Manchester Apprenticeship and Careers Service

National Careers Service



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