Equipment Presentation and Spelling

The Golborne Guide to pupil equipment and presentation of work


  • Pupils must have a pen, pencil, ruler and logbook on the desk at the start of every lesson.
  • Pupils should set out their equipment like a ‘dinner setting’ so that it can be checked quickly by a teacher
  • The Period 1 teacher will do a check at the start of period 1
  • The Period 1 teacher will award 1 behaviour point for that day when equipment is missing
  • An automatic achievement point will be added for every student at the end of the week when they have had equipment every day
  • Equipment will be available for purchase between 8 and 8.25 am from the Library and also after school.
  • Equipment will be available to loan in all classrooms
  • All loans will be recorded in an exercise book, pupils will return all items to the teacher at the end of the lesson


In books:

  • Classwork/homework on the left and underlined with a ruler
  • Date in words on right and underlined with a ruler
  • Then miss one line (to give space), put the title and underline with a ruler
  • Errors are to be crossed out with a single line

Parents should encourage pupils to take pride in the presentation when working at home in exercise books by reinforcing these guidelines at home.

Teachers will encourage high standards of presentation from pupils by setting work out in the same format on both the interactive whiteboard and the normal whiteboard. In particular, titles should be underlined with a ruler. This can be done on the first slide of a PowerPoint presentation or by using laminated cards.


Presentation and Equipment