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Remote access

Golborne High School Remote access Windows

On a Windows based computer please download the file via the link below, when prompted, press download and save it in a convenient place(like your desktop)

Once downloaded double click the file and type in your school username and password

If you're struggling to login in, try putting golbornehs\ before your username

eg. golbornehs\16testa




 Mac/iOS device/Android tablet

Go to the app store and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop

Click to install the app

Go to finder or launch pad and click on Microsoft Remote Desktop

Click on the new icon and enter the following details

Connection name - Connect to Golborne

PC Name - termservcurric1.golbornehs.local

Click on gateway and add gateway

Click on the + icon

Gateway name - Golborne gateway

Server - webapp.golbornehigh.wigan.sch.uk

Enter your login details, remembering to put         golbornehs\    before your username
eg. golbornehs\username

Close down the gateway preferences

now back on the Edit Remote Desktops Screen - choose the gateway as Golborne Gateway

Close down the edit remote desktops page

Highlight the Connect to Golborne and click start