Our History

Golborne High School is a coeducational foundation secondary school located in Golborne within the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan.

The school first opened in January 1954 as a new all girls secondary modern school.  The school evolved into a large and very successful 11-18 fully comprehensive school and, due to changes in education policy it was reduced to an 11-16 comprehensive school.

Since then there have been three major changes to the status of the school:

  • In 2007 it became a College of Visual Arts
  • In 2010 it became a foundation trust school under the umbrella of the Golborne and Lowton Co-operative Learning Partnership.  
  • In September 2019 the school became a hub of Endeavour Teaching School and is now the lead partner in the Trinity Teaching Alliance with Aspire Federation and The Keys Trust.

As a Co-operative Trust School, high emphasis is placed on the school, teachers and the community working together to provide the best environment and educational opportunities they can for young people. The development of young people into active global citizens is at the core of the Co-operative Schools’ philosophy.

As part of Trinity Teaching Alliance our vision is to develop exceptional teaching through a highly aspirational training route to produce the best qualified specialist teachers across the North West.

We aim to deliver transformational leadership for highly skilled and ambitious colleagues through a unique programme designed and delivered by leading experts across all contexts.

Working as a hub of the Endeavour Learning Teaching School, we are driven to provide opportunities for Initial Teacher Training (ITT), ongoing CPD and school-to-school support across the range of educational phases from early years to primary and into secondary, including special education.

For those considering entering the profession, we have a School Direct partnership and an expertly designed programme of professional development opportunities designed to ensure that new teachers are supported through a rigorous, retention-driven and research-informed induction programme.

For Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT), we operate a competitive Appropriate Body service and those who are registered through Trinity can enjoy a modern programme of entry-level CPD, as well as quality assurance designed to ensure that your NQTs are guided through their first years of teaching.

Our NQT CPD programme is underpinned by our current involvement with research being conducted by the Chartered College of Teaching.

As you may be aware, the partner organisations within the Trinity Teaching Alliance are highly successful educational providers with many years of experience. As such, we are in a position to offer a range of school-to-school support through system leadership. Our team of NLEs, LLEs and SLEs are experts in their field and we provide a professional service designed to support improvements in your school at all levels. 

Finally, 2019 is a year of historical significance for us as we celebrate our 50th year as a school. In order to recognise this the year will see a series of events to mark this milestone ranging from curriculum-based projects to events within the local community. The year will end with a Summer fayre to celebrate the school’s Birthday and to officially open our display of Golborne. Through the ages.