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Pupil Awards

Rewards Trips

Rewards trips can take place up to three times per year and are based on the pupil achieving a set criteria. This includes:

  • 95% and above attendance and punctuality (N.B.: attendance impacted by genuine medical conditions will be assessed on a pupil-by-pupil basis)
  • All good or outstanding ATL grades
  • Less than 5 behaviour points in each term
  • No holidays during term time 
  • Less than 2 late marks each term

Top Five Achievers (progress)

When the data is prepared to select pupils for reward trips, Heads of House select their top five achievers in each year group in their house. This is data-driven based on the criteria above. The selected pupils receive a badge and a certificate.

Subject Achievement Evening

This happens once a year in July and is where subjects select their first, second and third choice of pupil in each year and each house. The aim of the Subject Achievement Evening is to celebrate as many achievers as possible. Also at this evening House Awards are presented for Good Citizen and Highest Achiever which are selected by the Head of House. The most prestigious award is the Headteacher's Award which is selected based on progress from years 7 to 10 along with other commitments to the school.