Our staff

Golborne High School

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Gormally           (Headteacher)                        

Mrs A C Stott              (Deputy Headteacher – Standards and Outcomes)

Mrs A K Bolton            (Assistant Head – Attendance, Behaviour and Inclusion)

Miss C Norwood         (Assistant Head – Curriculum and Assessment)                              

Miss N Winnard          (Assistant Head – Achievement and Progress)

Mrs V Casey               (Assistant Head – Whole School Literacy & T&L Initiatives)


Mrs F Hayes – Associate Assistant Headteacher (Raising Standards of T&L Through Staff Development)

Miss R Hugill – Associate Assistant Headteacher (Closing the Gap KS3-4 and Post 16 Transition)

Mr C Rimmer – Associate Assistant Headteacher (Teaching School)


SENDCo – Mr A Stuart  /  Assistant SENDCo – Miss R Kinsella


Curriculum Departments

Art & Technology Department

Mrs N Jones                  (Head of CATS)

Mr A Kelly                      (Head of Technology)   

Mr I Bayliss                    

Mr K Falconer               (Head of House)

Miss Y Harrison            


Business Studies & Computing
Miss M Reeder              (Head of Department)

Mr N Loakes

Miss S Voss    

Mrs A K Bolton


Creative & Performing Arts

Mrs F J Hayes             (Faculty Leader)

Mrs L Seddon              (Lead Practitioner)

Mrs M Faure

Mr A Chivers            


English Department

Mrs S Erskine            (Faculty Leader)

Mrs C J Hartley         (Assistant Faculty Leader)

Miss S Foster            (Lead Practitioner)

Miss K Adams          

Mrs A J Bradley                   

Mrs S E Drinkwater

Miss B Gallagher    

Miss B Watson      

Mrs V Casey


Geography Department

Mrs J Monk              (Head of Department)

Mr C Elwood    

Miss L Johnson      

Mr T Norris             


History Department

Miss C Joyce           (Head of EBACC / Head of History)

Miss A H Hickey       (Head of House)

Mr S Bromley           

Mr J Harrison          

Miss N Martin          


Maths Department

Mr J D Hughes         (Faculty Leader)

Mr J Masterman       (Assistant Faculty Leader)

Mr M Thorley            (Lead Practitioner)

Miss M Reardon       (KS3 Co-ordinator)

Mr P Barnes                

Miss B Moakes           

Miss H Rigby               

Mrs E L Stevenson       (Head of Fonteyn House)
Miss N Winnard


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Avci               (Head of MFL Department)

Mrs E Unsworth      (Lead Practitioner)

Miss L Higson         (Head of House)         

Miss S Rubio             

Mr C Rimmer    

Miss C Norwood

Mrs A C Stott


P.E. Department

Mr N Coxon          (Head of Department)

Mrs Z J Barrett      (Head of House)                   

Miss D Clarke               

Mr P D Taylor   

Mr J Woods                 



Miss J Moore      (Head of Department)

Miss Z Drake      


Science Department

Mr J Shaw         (Faculty Leader)

Mrs J Oliver       (Assistant Faculty Leader)

Mr L O’Donnell   (KS3 Co-ordinator)

Mr P Holland      

Miss S A Hillidge

Miss R Hugill          

Mrs J Prescott    

Mr D Towey                 

Miss B Williams


Support Staff


VACANT POST (Business Manager)
Mrs H Ashton (PA and HR)         


Office / Administration

Mrs J E Walters (Support Services Supervisor & Finance Officer)
Mrs J Ainscough (Pupil Services Support Officer)
Mrs J Hilton-Doyle (Pupils Services Support Officer)
Mrs J McGowan (Pupils Services Support Officer)

Mrs V Smith (Receptionist / Administrative Assistant)

Mrs S McDonald (HR Administration Assistant)

Miss C Moore (Whole School Data Manager)
Miss H Milligan (Data & Exams Assistant)
Ms M Blachier (Exams Officer)
Mrs A J Keggin (Attendance/Pastoral)

Miss L Thornley (Reprographics Officer)


Inclusion / Pastoral Team

Mrs L H Griffiths (Inclusion Coordinator)
VACANT POST (Pastoral Leader – Fonteyn House / Cover Supervisor)
Mrs D Ashbrook (Pastoral Support Leader)
Mrs G Heyes (Pastoral Support Leader)
Ms K Sinclair (Lead Teaching Assistant – Behaviour)
Mrs J Coventry (Teaching Assistant – Maths)
Mrs S Billington (Teaching Assistant – Personal Care)
Ms D Stone (Lead Intervention Manager / Cover Supervisor)
Mrs D Collins (Intervention Manager / Cover Supervisor)
Miss N Gavin (Intervention Manager / Cover Supervisor)
Mrs R Hughes (Intervention Manager / Cover Supervisor)



Mr D Abraham        (Art & Technology) 
Mr M Pye                (Systems Manager)  
Mr D Pennington     (Art & Technology)  
Mr S Bond               (Senior ICT Technician)
Mrs S Hampson       (Digital Marketing Officer / ICT Technician)
Mr M R Fairclough  (Science)   


Site Staff

Mr N Magill      (Safety & Facilities Manager)

Mr C Gaskell         (Maintenance Officer)

Mr M Worswick     (Maintenance Officer)

Cleaning Staff

Mrs C Eastham

Miss M Knowles         

Ms S Pendlebury

Mrs B Leigh                

Mrs L Swift

Miss S Leigh              

Mrs J Bright       

Mrs L Wilmot

Mrs A Forshaw

Welfare Assistants

Mrs L Swift
Mrs I Bennett
Mrs C L Eastham

Catering Staff

Mrs C Scott (Catering Manager)

Miss S Millet (Assistant Cook)

Miss K Pilkington (Catering Assistant)

Mrs T Williamson-Corey (Catering Assistant)

Mrs R Atherton (Catering Assistant)

Mrs A Delsodato (Catering Assistant)