Pathways, Assessment & Reporting

Assessment Pathways

All students at Golborne are placed on a coloured Progress Pathway for each subject: Aqua, Maroon, Blue or Yellow. These pathways represent a journey from pupils’ attainment on entry to their expected attainment at the end of Year 11. Pupils are expected to meet criteria in each subject to be ‘secure’ on their pathway. We are confident that any pupil who remains ‘secure’ is on track to achieve the high expectations we have in place for them at the end of KS4. The attached diagram is an illustration of this model.

Progress Pathways are based, initially, on pupils’ attainment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in the Year 6 SATs. However, where we identify potential in other subject areas, pupils may be moved to a higher pathway. The first review of pathways will take place following the first Assessment Week, which acts as a baseline for many subjects.

Assessment Weeks and Progress Tests

Pupils have 3 Assessment Weeks per year (2 in the non-EBacc subjects) during which they sit a Progress Test in every subject. The dates of these are shown in logbooks and on the school calendar. The content of each Progress Test is cumulative, such that the topics or skills assessed on the first test will be reassessed on the following 2 or 3 tests. Teachers will provide guidance in lessons on what topics and skills pupils need to revise.

Progress Reports

Over the year, parents receive three Progress Reports, around three weeks after the Assessment Week. These contain ATLs (Attitude to Learning grades) and Pathway results (Secure, Embedding, Above or Below) for each subject. One of these will be a Progress Overview which also includes a written comment from your child’s form tutor.


To support your child in preparing for their Progress Tests, you may find it useful to look at the Curriculum Journey for each subject – available on the website. These show the knowledge and skills that are taught in each subject over each term/half term. This content will form the basis of what is assessed on the Progress Tests.