Pathways and Assessment

Assessment & Reporting

The central purpose of assessment at Golborne High School is to gather information on student achievement and progress both formally and informally. Assessment information will always advise the direction for ongoing teaching and learning. Feedback will always celebrate achievements but will also notify staff, students and parents of intervention measures that may be required if students are struggling with particular concepts, understanding and skills.

Progress Pathways are based, initially, on pupils’ attainment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in the Year 6 SATs. However, where we identify potential in other subject areas, pupils may be moved to a higher pathway. The first review of pathways will take place following the first Assessment Week, which acts as a baseline for many subjects.

Formal Assessments

Formal assessments are completed by all students at GHS in order to ensure that they are fully prepared for their future education where more emphasis is placed on the completion of formal exams with time constraints, including their external assessments at the end of KS4. Progress tests and Mock examinations assess the retention, mastery and application of skills and knowledge. Assessments at each key stage are cumulative and revisits content and skills appropriately to promote the retention of knowledge and skills and to acknowledge the foundations needed for further progression.

At key stage 3 assessments cover the content of the broad curriculum taught, the content of which can be viewed in the curriculum plans for each subject area which are available on the school website. Assessments cover progress though the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum and also the wider content studied.

At key stage 4 assessments cover the content of individual course specifications in preparation for the terminal assessments at the end of year 11, again these are available on the website, using exam style questioning.  In courses where there are no terminal assessments department assessment policies will address the requirements of the course.


Parents of students at GHS will receive three Progress Reports each year, the issue dates for these can be found on the GHS whole school calendar. Progress Reports follow the calendared Progress Test week.

At Key Stage 3 we will report individual attainment scores and average cohort attainment scores from the most recent assessment. The report will also include a RAG (Red, Amber or Green) rating which compares the pupil’s individual performance against the progress we would expect based on their ability level. Individual student expected performance is based on prior performance indicators including but not limited to performance at key stage 2, GHS baseline assessments and CATS (Cognitive Abilities Tests).

At Key stage 4 end of key stage target grades and final predicted grades are reported for each subject. End of Key Stage 4 targets are initially based on pupils’ attainment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in the Year 6 SATs. However, where we identify potential in other subject areas or where pupils are excelling, pupil targets will be raised to ensure we maintain high aspirations. Target grades are never decreased. If a pupil is found to be significantly below target appropriate intervention is put in place.

Attitudes to learning are always reported for each student in every subject area.