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Year 11 Bridging Materials

St John Rigby

Using this portal you can find out everything from information about your courses to the enrichment SJR offer. This site will be updated regularly and SJR will keep in touch with you when new materials are released.  The second wave of bridging material will also be put onto this portal.

If you are an existing applicant who has been given an offer, please see your email for log-in details. 

Please contact with your full name if you haven't received an email. 

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Courses at St John Rigby


Wigan & Leigh College Bridging Materials

We appreciate that the change ahead can be a little daunting for some students, and therefore we aim to provide you with as much support, reassurance and preparation prior to starting your course at Wigan & Leigh College.

To provide you with some guidance, structure and planning over the coming months, we have created the Steps to Success timeline for you to follow.

If you tick off and complete each stage of the Steps to Success (in the time scales given), you will have everything you need, ready for us welcome you at enrolment.

If you have any questions along the way, we have built in communication channels and platforms for you to contact us, meet your tutor, a 1:1 chat service and much more.

Courses at Wigan & Leigh College:

Winstanley Bridging Materials

Thank you for accepting your offer of a place at college. We hope that you’re staying safe and taking time out to look after yourself, both mentally and physically.

Our teachers have put together some really useful materials for each subject and these will help you to prepare for A-level study.  They can be found on our main website at: 

 Winstanley Subject Guides

The welfare team have also created a web page with advice on staying well; it’s definitely worth taking a look at:  

Student Wellbeing

Don’t forget, follow us on social media for all the latest updates and email us on  with any questions you have.

Take care
Winstanley College Admissions Team


English & Media Centre Bridging Material

Reading ListsFind A Level Revision and Course notes on SENECA for many subjects 

Careers in Health and Social Care 

Working in Social Care 



Different types of elections


CV Writing

CV Writing - Powerpoint

CV Writing - Case Studies

CV Writing - Skills


Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation - Slides

Interview Preparation


Money Skills

Making the most of your money - Slides

Making the most of your money

How money savvy are you?Where does your money come from?


Personal Development

People skills and self confidence - SlidesPeople skills and self confidence

People skills using my skills

QFA WS - Is that really me?

QFA WS - Personality match


Preparing for that 1st day

People skills and personal impact - Slides

People skills and personal impact

QFA PS - Workplace challenge

QFA WS - The Career network


The Digital World

Work skills internet and email skills - Slides

Work skills internet and email skills