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Ofsted Report
22nd May 2023

Ofsted Outstanding




It is with enormous pleasure that I share with you the Ofsted report. It is with great pride that I can celebrate with you the amazing achievement of being judged as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas. This is the outcome of years of dedication, diligence and commitment from our Governors, staff, associated professionals  parents. We have been driven by a shared vision of creating a beacon of excellence for the children of Golborne and Lowton. It is a considerable achievement for a community school to be judged as ‘Outstanding’ and that can only be achieved by a shared drive for excellence from all stakeholders.

I would like to thank the Governors for their absolute commitment to delivering an exceptional education for our children. Governors past and present have shown unwavering support of my leadership and that of the Senior Leadership Team. They have played a crucial role in leading the school on its journey to ‘Outstanding’.

I would also like to thank the Senior Leadership Team, current and past. The team is made up of the hardest working, most dedicated and driven professionals a school could wish for. Senior Leaders have never steered away from their passionate belief that our children have the right to the very best education and opportunities. This belief is shared by an incredible team of staff, whose unwavering commitment to the care, safety and happiness of the children has been pivotal in creating a school where our children feel valued, protected and encouraged to believe that anything is possible. I would like to thank all the staff, present and past, for they have created an exceptional school.

Ultimately, children only succeed if schools work in partnership with  parents. The journey is not always straightforward and there will always be differences of viewpoint on some elements of how a school operates. However, what makes us unique at Golborne is that we share the core values of the school and we communicate transparently to ensure the children in this school have an exceptional education in a safe and caring environment. I have been privileged to work with many, many families over the years and I feel very lucky to lead a school in an area where parents want the very best for their children and support the school in so many ways.

Finally, my greatest thanks go to the children at Golborne High School who are quite honestly amazing. I have worked in this locality for 20 years and have always been amazed by the warmth, honesty, humour and dedication of the children from Golborne and Lowton. They are resilient, talented, ambitious and know they deserve the best. The last 2 years have brought unprecedented challenges to our children and they have continued to smile in the face of adversity. It is my greatest pleasure to work with children who genuinely believe in themselves.


It is our greatest achievement as educators that we have created a learning environment in which our children believe that they can be whatever they want to be. There is no ceiling to achievement and our former pupils are role models who have succeeded at the highest level internationally and nationally. We all, as a community, should be proud of what we have achieved for the children of Golborne and Lowton.


The future for Golborne High School is now very exciting. We have been informed by the Department for Education that we have been successful in our application to be part of the Schools Rebuilding Project. This means that we will either have an entirely new school constructed or a significant re-build of the existing structure. This is very exciting for us and will allow us to create a state of the art facility for both our children and the local community.

Education leadership is not for the faint-hearted, and it is fair to say that the last few years have presented unexpected challenges. Courageous leadership and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of education is the only way to achieve success for our children.

The great Nelson Mandela stated:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

We, as leaders can never waver from this truth, despite the distractions that surround us on a daily basis. At Golborne High School, the Governors, Senior Leadership Team and myself will continue to lead with courage, drive and an unwavering belief that it is our moral duty to provide an exceptional education for the children of Golborne and Lowton so that they can become the leaders of the future.