Key dates:

  • New Intake Parents' Evening on Wednesday 1st July

We would like to welcome the parents of our Year 6 pupils to a New Intake Parents' Evening on Wednesday 1st July. The evening will begin at 6.30 pm and will end around 7.30. There will be uniform suppliers present for you to order your child's uniform. Additionally there will be opportunities to speak to your child's Head of House, sample food in the canteen and meet the Senior Management and Pastoral Care Team. The event will begin with a presentation in the Sports' Hall. Seats can be reserved by ringing Pupil Services.

  • House achievement evening 9th July at 6.30 pm.

  • British values day and enrichment day for all students 10th July.

  • Alternative Curriculum Day on 16th July 

Click here for the Alternative Curriculum Day time table and groups information.


Ofsted Inspection 2013 

Headteacher’s Introduction. 

Golborne High is a school I am proud to lead. It is a school with a strong sense of community involvement, where your child will be happy and safe. Staff have high expectations and your child will be supported, challenged and nurtured to meet those expectations. We will endeavour to develop all their talents and perhaps help them discover new qualities of which they were unaware.

We have a tradition of strong pupil voice. We encourage all pupils to make a contribution and participate in whole school and House activities. I believe this encourages enterprise and leadership, which in turn produces rounded citizens capable of making a contribution to society. I would like to think that, when they leave us, our young people have the capacity to take control of and direct their own learning; a pre-cursor to success in their future careers and achieving their ambitions.

Leadership at all levels within school supports the pupils’ learning. Teaching is engaging, well planned and demanding. Our House system underpins the academic structure, providing personalised support and guidance. In short we try to provide a structured learning environment in which all can be happy and reach their potential.


David Lythgoe