Trinity Teaching

Trinity Teaching Alliance

Trinity Teaching School is a unique alliance of schools with a vision for developing a highly aspirational culture of expert teaching and school leadership across the northwest. Golborne High School is the founder member of this dynamic alliance, which works hand-in-hand with Aspire Federation and Quest Trust.

Working as a hub of the Endeavour Learning Teaching School, we are driven to provide opportunities for Initial Teacher Training (ITT), ongoing CPD and school-to-school support across the range of educational phases from Early Years to Primary and Secondary, including our expertise in Special education.

Endeavour Learning Teaching School

For those considering entering the profession, we have a School Direct arrangement and an expertly designed programme of professional development opportunities designed to ensure that new teachers are supported in a rigorous, retention-driven and research-informed induction programme.

School Direct Tuition Fee

As you may be aware, the partner organisations within the Trinity Teaching School Alliance are highly successful educational providers with many years of experience. As such, we are in a position to offer a range of school-to-school support through system leadership. Our team of NLEs, LLEs and SLEs are experts in their field and we provide a professional service designed to support improvements in your school at all levels.