Religious Education

Religious Studies Curriculum Journey

The aim of the RS curriculum at Golborne High School is to expand pupils’ knowledge of the world’s diversity and open their minds to the different values, ideas and cultures around them.  Questions are encouraged above all things, as curiosity and passion underpin everything we achieve in RS at KS3 and GCSE at KS4. While the KS3 RS curriculum is largely informed by Wigan SACRE’s Local Agreed Syllabus, we hope to approach standard topics in ways that engage pupils whilst developing essential empathetic, problem-solving and academic skills.

At KS4, pupils discover more about the intricacies of Christianity and Buddhism as well as a variety of themed studies through the rigorous AQA Religious Studies GCSE programme. These choices of religion and theme allow pupils to explore the practical applications of religion such as ethics surrounding crime and punishment, questions about the existence of God or even the nature of our society. These selections permit pupils to prepare for a vast assortment of careers including law, healthcare, medical or business ethics or further study of Philosophy and Ethics at A Level, degree level and beyond.

What makes us unique in our approach to RS, is our dedication to beginning with solid factual foundations of the six major world religions, before building upon these roots by tackling a wide variety of ethical topic explorations. Ethical debates and deep thinking continue throughout KS3, preparing pupils for a GCSE in our subject or for decision making and moral choices in the wider world if their interests lie outside of religious and cultural study. By designing the RS Curriculum in this way, we are proud to say that RS is at the forefront of delivering Golborne High School’s curriculum aims:

  • Prepared for the Future
  • Lifelong Leaners
  • Responsible Citizens

More information on how pupils are able to achieve these aims is within RS is available and highlighted in our Curriculum Journey.

Curriculum Aims:

The RS Curriculum at Golborne High School assures that pupils will become:

  • Prepared for the future
  • Lifelong learners
  • Responsible citizens

Although our school experiences encompasses these aims and there is a lot of cross over between topics, topics within the curriculum journey are colour coded for an indication of where these skills can be explicitly found.

Wigan SACRE Aims for Religious Studies:

A: know and understand a range of religions

B: express ideas and insights on the nature, significance and impact of religion and other world views

C: gain and employ skills to engage with religion and other world views


RS Skills Key: Throughout our curriculum journey, you will find various symbols that representation the skills pupils will develop in each unit. You will see them appear multiple times throughout the whole journey. This has been carefully planned to ensure pupils have a full grasp of both knowledge and skills by the time they complete their time studying RS at Golborne High School.

Identify and Describe

Explain importance or reasons why

Analyse evidence to reach a conclusion

Evaluate an argument

The keys shown throughout show where pupils pick up essential skills for GCSE. If pupils do not choose to opt for RS at GCSE, the skills and knowledge gained will benefit them in the wider world and throughout our PSHRE programme of study.