Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Curriculum Journey

At Golborne High School, Modern Foreign Languages are a vibrant part of the school curriculum. In Year 7, pupils are given the opportunity to choose which language they would like to study; this is either French or Spanish. For some pupils, this means continuing to build on the language they began learning at KS2, and for others, this means learning an entirely new language. All pupils at Golborne High School study a foreign language at KS3 and around 60% of our pupils choose to continue with languages at GCSE level as part of the EBacc. The MFL department is a very successful and high performing department at Golborne. Year on year, we are immensely proud of our pupils’ GCSE examination results which are above the national average. In the 2022 examinations, 100% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 or above in French and 98% in Spanish. 33% of pupils achieved a Grade 7 or above in French and 44% in Spanish.

The Golborne MFL curriculum is based around independent language skills, which enable pupils to communicate for practical purposes. Over time, pupils develop the skills and the confidence to be able to express their ideas and thoughts in French or Spanish, and understand and respond in speech and writing. On the curriculum journey from KS3 (Year 7 to 9) to KS4 (Year 10 to 11) and beyond, pupils develop their linguistic competencies in each of the four skill areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. A strong emphasis is placed on the three pillars of phonics, grammar and vocabulary, which are the essential characteristics of language learning. Pupils are also deeply immersed into Francophone and Hispanic culture and traditions, which is what brings our curriculum to life!

MFL lessons at Golborne are interactive, challenging and designed to enable pupils to use their language skills independently and manipulate language so that it is fit for any purpose; whether it be ordering food in a café, asking for directions or arranging to meet up with a friend. It is our mission to not only equip our pupils with the language skills and knowledge they need for immediate use in the classroom, but also for further language study and use in higher education or in future employment. At KS3, pupils learn to discuss a range of topics including family and friends, free time, home town, food and holidays. At KS4, pupils study the three AQA Themes: ‘Identity and Culture’, ‘Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest’ and ‘Current and Future Study and Employment’.

The Golborne MFL curriculum aims to bring languages alive in the classroom. All our lessons allow pupils to hear and speak the target language in an experimental and encouraging environment. Our curriculum provides pupils with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they need to ensure they are prepared for life; possessing a sound awareness of the world around them and the opportunities awaiting them. Our extra-curricular activities such as Foreign Language Club (where languages such as Turkish, Italian and Portuguese are taught) and International Film Club are always well attended. We also celebrate key events throughout the year including ‘European Day of Languages’ and ‘International Week’. Our past trip abroad to Málaga was also a huge success! We are currently exploring more opportunities to enrich our pupils’ experiences through future school trips to Spain and France, as well as language exchanges with our partner schools abroad.