Geography Curriculum Journey

Geography is our pupils’ gateway into the rest of the world and so it is The Geography Department’s aim at Golborne High School to ensure that our pupils appreciate and understand the world in which they live. Our pupils consider how Earth’s major processes have resulted in some of the most awe-inspiring landforms and features. This can include looking at the formation of some our planet’s most well-known landforms, examining the global significance of world biomes and seeing first-hand the changing landscapes of the UK. We seek to invoke in our pupils a sense of wonder – through the use of enquiry questions that encourage our young geographers to question and challenge the world around them.

The Geography curriculum at Golborne High school is underpinned by fundamental knowledge from the national curriculum but also provides opportunities to explore the global issues of today. This can range from looking at the rising impact of plastic pollution at a local and global scale in Year 7, as well as the impact of climate change in Year 9. We also reflect on how historical and political events have shaped our modern world, for example the break up between the EU and UK in Year 8, as well as the economic crash in 2008 in Year 9. 

Importantly, our curriculum in Geography challenges pupils to consider and evaluate various strategies to manage and protect our planet in an effective and sustainable way. Geography is a multifaceted discipline and at Golborne High School we endeavour to provide our pupils every opportunity to become well-rounded and highly skilled Geographers through a curriculum that has human and physical geography at its core.  

At GCSE, pupils study the AQA Geography specification, which equips them for future study at A-Level, a range of careers and to appreciate and value the responsibilities that come with being a global citizen.