English Curriculum Journey

At Golborne, English is a place of exploration, discovery and personal growth. Through immersion in a range of captivating texts, our students learn to appreciate and criticise the Literary Canon. From trailblazing seminal works to dazzling modern offerings, from uproarious non- fiction to poetic pioneers, our curriculum aims to engage and impassion pupils, sparking a thirst and love of Literature in all forms.


Building upon their learning at Key Stage 2, our students will continue their journey of discovery to deepen their understanding of authorial intent, the writer’s craft and technical accuracy as they study the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum in order to appreciate and emulate purposeful writing. These three elements are revisited, throughout their curriculum journey, to enable students to appreciate the nuances of an author’s work and allow pupils opportunity to emulate varied writing styles in their own creative way.


Throughout Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) our pupils will delve into a carefully chosen range of texts aimed to deepen their understanding of forms encountered at Key Stage 2 as well as serving as an introduction to new genres. This allows our pupils to enhance their understanding of a text as a holistic piece and enhance their cultural and social literacy in preparation for life beyond the classroom. We provide exposure to prolific British writers alongside a range of diverse texts to broaden pupils’ understanding of Literature past and present.


A passion and love of reading is fostered throughout our curriculum journey with an appreciation of the spoken and written word underpinning our design. Our teachers strive to ignite an enthusiasm for reading and support this with our newsletter, book recommendations and an awareness of Literary events celebrated in the United Kingdom. Our extra- curricular opportunities aim to provide challenge and a real passion for English in all forms. From debate, to the Reading Challenge, to Creative Writing Workshops and Lectures on areas of literary specialism, there is something to suit all tastes and styles. Alongside this, we offer wonderful opportunities to visit the theatre and engage in workshops, giving pupils the chance to see their learning come to life in the most exciting way possible. Immersion in all forms of reading beyond the classroom is vital to support students in their learning journey.


As our pupils enter Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11), they will continue to study many well-loved classics, as well as emerging literature, to support them in their journey of critical thinking. Our pupils read and enjoy the following texts: Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lord of the FliesA Christmas Carol and an Anthology of Power and Conflict Poetry. The messages of these texts transcend time and therefore provide our students with relevant and moral messages. Our pupils will also study a myriad fiction and non-fiction texts to solidify their knowledge and skills which we foster in Key Stage 3: authorial intent, the writer’s craft, and technical accuracy.