Drama Curriculum Journey

In Drama we aim to provide memorable experiences and expect our pupils to work with creativity and passion. Pupils are encouraged to view the world and its’ many opportunities through a wide variety of perspectives. We want to develop articulate and confident young people who are able to approach differing situations with determination and self-belief.  As dramatists we want our pupils to communicate narratives that have been thoroughly explored and differing perspectives considered. In Drama our strong moral compass guides every decision we make as well as each decision we expect our pupils to make; we will consider others, communicate confidently and explore both our immediate community alongside wider global issues.

Pupils will explore fundamental building blocks of Drama, which will allow for complex and highly creative stories to be told. Essential elements such as Performance Skills, Devising Skills, Characterisation and Reflection and Analysis will be applied to a wide variety of contexts. The curriculum is planned in such a way that any gaps in Drama experience can be plugged within the first term allowing for access to Drama for all.

Each essential building block will be revisited through KS3; each time building in complexity and creativity in their application to performance. At the end of KS3 pupils will be equipped with a wide range of skills; each of which can then be applied to KS4 with confidence, flair and creativity.

The BTEC Technical Award in Performing Arts allows for a highly practical exploration of theatre and performing and opens options for post 16 vocational or academic study.

Alongside our weekly Drama lessons we have an outstanding Drama Group. Pupils within this group are free to make their own creative decisions and apply the skills explored in lesson time to their own narratives and performances. Showcase performances allow for the work to be celebrated and acknowledged. The full school Musical Production is also another fantastic opportunity to explore any love of performing and is a sell-out success each and every year.