Computing & Business

Computing and Business Curriculum Journey

At our school we want our pupils to become algorithmic thinkers and natural problem solvers so that no piece of technology will limit them no matter their choices in further education and careers. Technology is everywhere and will play a fundamental part in pupil’s lives and therefore, we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely.

Computing and Business at Golborne High School links the real world of business with the latest technology looking at the history of development to future prospects. Pupils will be exposed to a rigorous and challenging curriculum which will effectively prepare them with the knowledge, skills and technical vocabulary to fully embrace a future of rapidly advancing technology.

Our key stage 3 curriculum starts by equipping pupils with the skills and knowledge needed to work the school system, linking this to cloud computing, removing those barriers for home learning. Pupils will learn the fundamental skills of problem solving, networking and communication throughout their journey from primary into secondary education, looking deeper into the internet, programming and physical computing.

When pupils reach year 9 they will embark on a brand-new tailor-made course from Information technologies, Computer Science and Business.

This course was created to give a taster of each of the option subjects which can be taken as a GCSE or Vocational option. This course is completely unique to Golborne High School, linking all aspects of technology and business, and prepares the pupils for a clearer picture during their option process.

In year 10, pupils can embark on GCSE Computer Science, Cambridge Nationals Information Technologies or BTEC Business Enterprise course which opens doors to many post 16 opportunities in the ever changing world we live in, whether this be further education, ‘on the job’ learning or full time work.

Our GCSE in Computer Science is engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving. It encourages pupils to develop their understanding and application of the core concepts in computer science. Pupils also analyse problems in computational terms and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programs.

Our BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise provides our pupils with an insight into planning their own enterprise and equips them with a broad range of transferable skills that will provide them with a solid foundation for further study and employment. The course allows pupils to explore enterprises in the community and examine and analyse what skills and characteristics are necessary for an entrepreneur to become successful. Pupils are able to develop their application of creative ideas and innovations to practical situations through planning their own micro-enterprise activity and develop their skills essential for business, such as solving problems, making decisions and assessing risk.

Our OCR Cambridge Nationals Information Technologies course allows pupils to develop their knowledge of a digital environment and their confidence within IT. Pupils are able to learn about data management issues and develop practical skills by planning and creating an integrated technological solution to communicate information. Pupils will test their knowledge through a variety of software packages and explore how IT and business systems work together, assessing risk and learning how to mitigate against these.

In 2021, the Computing and Business department revamped the extra-curricular opportunities available to all pupils. Pupils can embark in the physical computing world by using the ‘Makey Makeys’ to build their own circuit board and program their own minicomputer to do the unimaginable such as play the piano with bananas! Pupils can also enhance their programming skills that they have learnt in computing lessons to program their own computer game.

Our Enterprise club allows pupils to develop their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills whilst exploring the world of work and giving pupils the chance to understand business and the economy in more detail. Pupils will complete ‘brand challenges’, ‘product development’ and ‘digital marketing’ projects whilst creating their own products to market.