Headteacher's Blog 06-09-19


Welcome to my first Blog of 2019-2020. We have started the year on a very positive note with excellent exam results once again. Our incredible pupils have made exceptional progress, gaining even more strong passes [5+] across all subjects!

Pupils achieved an impressive 76% Grade 9-4 in English and Maths, which is a result of 92% Grade 9-4 in English and 80% Grade 9-4 in Maths. 57% of pupils achieved “strong passes” in English and Maths with 82% in English and 60% in Maths. An incredible 23% of pupils gained 5 or more qualifications at grade 7 or above and a significant number of grade 9s were achieved across the board.

These results place our pupils in the strongest position to secure places at Winstanley, John Rigby, Wigan and Leigh College and to gain highly competitive apprenticeships. The hard work from the pupils, dedication of the staff and constant support of our parents secured this level of success. We should all be incredibly proud of our individual contributions to helping our students achieve these fantastic results.

Our Year 7 pupils have made an excellent start to life at Golborne High School. They arrived smartly dressed, smiling and very excited, if a little nervous, about their very first day in High School. However, after a very short amount of time any fears that the Year 7 pupils may have felt were soon allayed and they were moving around school like they had been there for years! This week has seen the Year 7s make new friends, learn lots of new things and become fully fledged members of the Golborne Family.

Over the summer break, there has been updates to a number of classrooms which have been modernised with brand new computers for the students to use during lesson time.

The corridors have been painted and a selection of colourful vinyl displays have been added to the walls throughout the building, to create a bright and colourful environment. All in all, the school is now a modern, bright and positive learning environment for our pupils and staff. 

The start of the year always brings with it some new faces on the staff team. This September we have appointed 13 more members of staff so that we can reduce the class sizes and provide more individual support to every child. The new staff will strengthen our team even further to ensure that we are delivering the most challenging and exciting lessons to our pupils. With this said, I would like welcome the new staff to our Golborne Family.

This academic year, we have made some changes to the organisation of our day in response to pupil feedback.

The school now operates a one way system that all pupils must follow.

In addition to this, at Lunchtime Year 7, 8 and 9 will now go to lunch on the first bell at 1.00 pm and return to lessons at 1.40pm. They will end school at 2.45. Years 10 and 11 will go to Lunch on the second bell at 1.05pm and return from lunch on the second bell at 1.45pm. They end school on the second bell at 2.50pm. The aim of these changes is to ease congestion on the corridors during change over times.

Can I ask that you do not pick up or drop off your children at the front of school as this is very dangerous and could result in a child being injured.

The Edulink app has been launched this week which will allow everybody to communicate via a one touch access button. It is a great piece of software that allows parents to see all of their child’s data with one touch and to book Parents’ Evenings’ appointments much more quickly. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of this software over the next Half Term.

Finally, I would also like to mention our Twitter and Facebook page, which are used as a vehicle to both communicate with you as parents and to celebrate the incredible talents of our pupils. If you do have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can follow us via the links below:



I wish you all a lovely, restful weekend.