Aims of the school

 Mission statement

Golborne High School is a unique community where young people thrive.

Our mission is to provide opportunities that enable every student to have aspirations, vision and great pride in their achievements.


The aims of the school are:

 i)         To prepare pupils to live and work with others in adult life and to develop attitudes enabling them to become responsible members of the community.

ii)         To demand of pupils the highest possible standards in all they undertake, while supporting them in the fulfilment of their spiritual, personal, academic and social potential.

iii)        To develop lively and enquiring minds by fostering the skills and enjoyment of the learning experience, thus encouraging all pupils to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented throughout life.

iv)        To offer a broad and relevant education in terms of knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes, to which all pupils have equal access.

v)         To enable pupils to experience responsibility and exercise judgement based on a reasoned set of values and attitudes.


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Day to day organisation

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