‘We strive to be a school with high expectations of its pupils, delivering quality education through effective teaching and pastoral care, in a secure and appropriate environment.We believe in establishing good relationships between staff, governors, pupils and parents within a community where people are treated as individuals. Our commitment to the fulfilment of individual potential means we seek to encourage mutual respect and acknowledge achievement in every aspect of school life.’


 i)          To prepare pupils to live and work with others in adult life and to develop attitudes enabling them to become responsible members of the community.

ii)         To demand of pupils the highest possible standards in all they undertake, while supporting them in the fulfilment of their spiritual, personal, academic and social potential.

iii)        To develop lively and enquiring minds by fostering the skills and enjoyment of the learning experience, thus encouraging all pupils to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented throughout life.

iv)        To offer a broad and relevant education in terms of knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes, to which all pupils have equal access.

v)         To enable pupils to experience responsibility and exercise judgement based on a reasoned set of values and attitudes.






Where the school receives more applications than places available, the following admission criteria will be applied once places have first been allocated to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs which names the school

  1. 1Children in Public Care.
  2. 2Children with brothers or sisters who will be attending the school in the 2012-2013 school year.
  3. 3Other children living in Golborne and Lowton.
  4. 4Other children living nearest to the school

 The primary schools from which pupils have been admitted to Golborne High School in the past include Golborne Community Primary; Golborne St. Thomas’; Lowton West; Lowton St. Luke’s; Lowton Junior & Infants; Abram CE and Abram Bryn Gates although pupils from other schools are welcome to apply. The standard admission number for the school is 171 pupils for each year group.

Before the start of the new academic year an induction evening for the parents of new pupils will be held in school and all parents will be expected to attend.


Short assemblies take place regularly. These may either be in House groups, with senior staff or whole school. Larger assemblies give a special opportunity for various elements of the school to come together in an atmosphere of collegiality.

Parents have the right to request withdrawal of their children from the assembly and/or RE. Please contact the school if you wish to discuss this matter.