The School Day
8.25 am  Movement bell (Pupils arrive / Staff Briefing)
8.30 am  Period 1
9.30 am  Period 2
10.30 am Break 
10.45 am  Tutor Time
11.05 am Period 3 
12.05 pm Period 4  
1.05 pm Lunch
1.45 pm Movement bell  
1.50 pm Period 5 
2.50 pm End of School

School is open to all students before and after the end of the official school day.

Before School:

7.00 am ‐ Breakfast service available in the canteen.

8.00 am ‐ Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is available to students.

After School:

2.50 pm onwards ‐ LRC available to students until 4pm Monday to Thursday.

Clubs take place on a daily basis and details are routinely published on the school website.