Science Curriculum Journey

The Science team at Golborne High School have a vision that all pupils should be passionate about the Sciences and see the application of this subject in everyday life. We achieve this by establishing a strong transition from key concepts introduced in key stage two and skilfully scaffold pupils learning to develop these fundamental ideas into more complex theories.

Our Key stage three curriculum in Science is rooted in inspiring pupils to develop their key knowledge and practical skills, as well as a keen focus on guiding all pupils to become fluent in the language of Science. We cover the national curriculum and ensure all pupils have a firm grasp of concepts they will need as they progress through their Science journey at Golborne. Pupils begin by learning the cornerstones of Scientific understanding across all three disciplines such as the Structure of the Atom, Cells, and Forces. These are then built upon as pupils’ understanding and Scientific vocabulary continues to evolve from Year 7 to Year 8. Our curriculum also builds in key opportunities to develop pupils’ hands on practical skills, encouraging them to ask questions and seek answers through the Scientific method.

In year 9 our pupils will begin to study their GCSE’s by undertaking either the AQA Combined Science or AQA Single Science routes. Our Combined Science pathway offers opportunities to refine key transferable skills such as logical thinking, application of mathematical skills and the understanding of abstract concepts. The Single Science pathway takes this a step further and allows pupils to focus on more detail in all three of the Science disciplines, establishing it as the perfect route into post-16 Science study and a career within a Scientific field. Such pathways beyond Golborne can include A-levels in Chemistry, Physics or Biology as well as BTEC study in Applied Science or Health and Social Care.

Outside of the classroom, our Science students will be given the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and passion for the subject through some of our exciting trips. These include visiting universities to gain an insight into further study opportunities or receive exciting lectures on up and coming Science. We also arrange reward trips to Science venues such as the Museum of Science and Industry and Jodrell Bank.